The Studio

DesignFxPro stands tall with compelling years of commercial work experience with small to prominent clients of diverse business niches. Every piece of design we work upon gets the touch of graphic sensibility coupled with innovative artistic flair and marketing sense.

Whether it is about designing a logo or creating a stellar bespoke website, the studio adapts flexibility to attend any level of design complexity that gives your brand a unique identity from others. The aim lies at creating a value-laden and audience-targeted design that points your brand to the direction of your market.

We continuously try to satisfy our clients beyond the pages of our portfolio and try to bring vibrancy and flexibility to your projects.

With the expertise to give visual solutions to your creative ideas, we strive hard to create design works that complement your business on a higher level so that you focus on growing it.  

Flexible Rates

We offer flexible rate, and we carefully estimate the effort needed for each project.

Business Solutions

Our services range from Branding, Graphic, Web and Application Design up to creating different illustrations that target the specific market of our clients.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 9.00-18.00
  • Saturday 9.00-12.00
  • Sunday Close

Our Advantages

These are the factors that set us aside from the competition.


After Sales Support


Unique Style


Our team provides a fantastic array of skills, experience and expertise: from our designers, branding managers and even our IT experts. We apply our skills and knowledge to help drive better experience and give our clients a compelling design that they need.

Our extensive range of interests – from Branding, Design, Digital Marketing, SEO and SEM – means DesignFxPro has to have people with diverse, and often unusual mixture of skill sets.

Website / Application Design and Development
Logo, Branding and Corporate Identity
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing

Our Process


Discuss the Project

The initial step that our team always do is to make sure that we have a clear understanding of our client's requirement. This step usually takes time but this is an essential step that we never take for granted and always make sure to perform before proceeding.


Create the Concept

After we have a clear understanding and vision of our client's requirement, we will then proceed in creating multiple concepts to propose to our client. This step usually takes various iterations, but this is something that we work with our client along the way to give them the best possible result.


Finalizing the Approved Concept

The most exciting part of our process is finalizing the approved concept. It requires meticulous attention to details, and we make sure that we consider all the notes of our client. We never leave a stone unturned, and we address all of our client's points before we submit every project for approval.


Client Approval and Delivery

Alas! Once the client approved the design, it's time for us to send all the working files. We produce all the requested files by the client as long as it can be generated based on the working file that we've created. We upload all our works in a secure cloud server to protect the data and interest of our clients. We create an encrypted project board for each of our client wherein they can download all their files securely.

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